How to access the Akashic Records

In this guide, we will discuss also how to access the akashic records. To understand what Akashic Records are, we must also know what function it can fulfill, and how they are constituted. Be sure to stay tuned as near the bottom I will give you a meditation to view your own akashic records.

What is Akasha?

First of all, I will say that Akasha is a word from Sanskrit and that it means something like “primal substance” or primary substance. And this is because this substance is that which was before creation, and which then gave rise to creation itself, of which we are apart. Speaking of course of the creation of the “material plane of existence”.

Therefore I could define this substance as living energy, existing in a pure state, and of such a sensitive character, that even the smallest energetic variation, as would be a simple thought, is capable of altering it and leaving it engraved in it, said thought, or event.
Basically, it is a spirit in its pure state, and then, when descending to the dense plane of material existence, it would become what we call matter, and that is nothing other than the crystallization of the spirit itself.

The book of life

It is then, that if we think that this energy is an indelible record of everything that happens, happened and will happen in the universe (I dare say in the universes), we will realize that the Akasha is neither more nor less than the very same “Book of Life” mentioned in all the sacred books of humanity.

In it are the acts and thoughts of all living beings. And therefore it is the story of everything that is and what will be.

What are the Akashic Records for?

Well, if we stop for a moment to reflect on the different organisms and living beings that exist on the planet, for example, we will see that they all have in common the fact that they are born with an intrinsic knowledge of what they must do to survive, and to develop according to its nature. According to the most current theories, we all have this vital information inside us, is a living record, called DNA or genes.
There would be all our most basic instincts, as well as our essential and constitutive characteristics.

But if this were not so simple, and if in addition to DNA or genes, we could also have access to an immense and infinite library of knowledge, obtained from the entire universe, from all creation, from all times …
For something like this is the Akasha, and that is why these records are the key to the evolution of all creation.

The power of knowledge

When people are able to “read” these records of creation, through a conscious effort, or through the work of a spiritual evolutionary work, they have access to knowledge that allows them to transcend their human state, thus being able to recover information lost in the time (past, present or future) and in this way, contribute something powerful to the progress of the human race.

But these records are not limited to the experience of consciousness of the human being, but we can also read or see things happened to beings of other evolutions, even outside this planet and this dimension. Or closer still, we can see and understand the aspects and facts of our brethren and companions of evolution such as animals, stones and plants.
In short, knowing or being able to read the Akashic Records is to be able to see briefly through the eyes and mind of God.

The keys to accessing the Akasha

Being pure and living energy, the keys that allow us to access it, are centers of power and energies placed in us as conscious beings, and that is in resonance with the vibratory state of these registers.

These keys are:

  • The heart.
  • The mind.
  • The will.

The Lords of the Registers, or Guardians of the Registries

The Akashic Records are protected by Beings of Light, which are not physical for us in this plane of existence, but which are very concrete in that level of vibration in which they are. These beings are known as the Lords of the Akashic Records. They determine not only who can access the Akasha, but also what kind of information each person can receive upon entering there. This will depend on their evolutionary level and what they must learn at each moment.

The Lords of the Registries work with the so-called Masters, Guides and Personal Protectors.

Why is it so important to know about Akash?

The Akasha opens our eyes to the profound dimension beyond things, time and space; it brings us closer to understanding the fundamental nature of the world and of ourselves. It reveals to us that below the surface of appearances there is a “holographically in-formed” interconnected world in which all things are immersed in an intermingling, they create themselves and through their cosmic connections they create all things.

It makes us aware that we are really one, we, human beings, the world, the universe, that the macrocosm is in the microcosm, and that our action affects the whole. It reminds us of the creative power that we carry within, of the responsibilities and the infinite possibilities.

At the same time, we can approach the manifestation of our full potential, get all our doubts, answer all our questions. We can connect with the Akashic Records through our Higher Self and Spiritual Guides and reveal the answers to the deeper questions of the soul:
Why did I come?
What is my unique and unrepeatable contribution?
Why and what happens to me? …

There is no question that does not find an answer in the Akashic Records! The wonder of the Registers lies not only in being the source of an immense amount of information but in its potential to heal us, to activate our Personal Mastery and DNA, in other words, to live the life we ​​are called to live!

We are directly connected to our Registry through DNA, where it finds all our latent potential, the hidden multi-dimensional capacities. It is time to learn how to use these potentialities, how to connect with our own cells, how to honor the body, which is the temple for our soul and unite mind, emotion, body, and spirit. The fullness, prosperity, and well-being are within us, we only need to align ourselves with our Higher Self, our inner divinity.

How to access the Akashic Records

There are many and diverse ways in which a person can access the Registries. Some can do it intuitively, guided by beings from higher spheres of existence, which lead them to make these connections with some purpose of help or evolution and learning.
In other cases, there are methods of Prayer that serve to center the mind and the will in that connection, and of course, there is also the method (perhaps more used) know as is the Channeling.

Finally, there are those who, using the knowledge they already have about Reiki, and through the use of their symbols, establish the necessary connection to ask for access to this level of Akasha consciousness.

Even though meditation, a person can access this plane of reality. Be that as it may, there is not a single path to see and read in the Akashic Records. And therefore, each individual should look for their own way to get there, since that same personal form, holds the key to their individual search for growth and wisdom. Therefore, this will allow you to see what you need to see and understand, that is, what will contribute to your life a growth tool.

So far this article, in which more than anything, I sought to introduce a little to the reader who has just started on these topics, to the understanding of power as great as access to the world of Akasha.

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