How to Treat headaches with Meditation for headache relief

Many people in this day of age suffer from really bad headaches to even irritating as much as migraines. Do we actually use meditation for headache relief? Does it really work? Well, yes to all these questions.

Before we go right into the meditations and exercises let us answer a few most common questions people ask me.

Can meditation help with headaches?

Meditation can help relieve any for of tension around the head region from headaches, migraines, and even eye tension. You know the feeling when your eyes hurt and you cannot concentrate.

This is also another form of migraine, meditation can help sooth these pains and you will find within minutes your headache will be gone.

Can meditation cause migraines?

Absolutely not, meditation is a way to help relieve headaches and migraines and also can help with tension around the eyes. I am mentioning this because you will be surprised at how many people ask me this.

How do you make a headache go away fast without medicine?

  1. Meditation is a very common way of getting rid of headaches
  2. Lying down in a dim-lit room or dark room with your eyes closed.
  3. Massaging your temples and also your neck can be a great way to release the tension which as built up to be causing this headache you have.
  4. Limit Drinking too much caffeine can also be an issue here, many people drink far too much caffeine. Try to limit this as much as possible. Drinking water also can help reduce headaches.
  5. Try to Rest do not overdo anything, yeah I know some things just need to be done in life from work and to other chores. Try not to overwork yourself, know your limits.

At the top of the list is the best method for treating a headache or migraine. I will go into an easy meditation anyone can do to help with treating a common headache.

Meditation for Headache relief

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure this is a darkened or dim-lit room so it is easy on your eyes even though you will have your eyes closed in the process.

Feel free to light a scented candle or incense stick and even play some soothing music in the background. This is optional it will help you relax even deeper for maximum effects.

When you are ready and comfortable to begin then sit down or lay down and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and now I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose, then hold for 4 seconds before slowly exhaling out the mouth.

Again deep breathe through the nose and holding again for a few moments, then exhale out the mouth. Keep repeating this process of breathing throughout this meditation as we go through the next stage. Remember to keep doing this also with your eyes remaining closed.

I want you to imagine and visualize a warm blue light, see this light float around your body as it starts to get closer to your head. The blue light is a healing color and will help you with the tension around your head.

As you deep breathe in through the nose again I want you to visualize this blue light go up and through your nose. As you see this happening visualize and imagine the color is inside your head. As you feel deeper and deeper relaxed calmer and feel the tension diminishing from your head.

As you exhale out through the mouth I want you to see a dark cloud or color grey or black leave your mouth. This represents any form of negativity from your body and your head. This is your tension, and as you deep breathe in again through the nose see more blue light enter.

On every exhale I want you to keep seeing the darkness leave your entire body through your mouth. On every inhale through the nose keep see blue light, as you go deeper and deeper into a relaxed state of mind. Knowing that the blue light is healing your head and your whole well being. Filling you up with positivity on every inhale feeling more at peace.

Keep repeating the above method, you will soon notice while doing this that your pain will start to ease. It is important to follow all the above techniques with the visualizing and imagining through the entire meditation.

Once you are ready to come out of the meditation I want you to see the blue light fill your entire body now. I then want you to see another light above your head. This is a pure white light from the spirit and the angels. See this cover your entire body now, like an oval or egg-shaped as it covers your body.

This is your psychic shield of protection, helping you to become protected by negativity. Once you are ready another deep breath and exhale as you count from ten to zero. When you get to zero slowly open your eyes.

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When it comes to getting rid of annoying and mostly irritating headaches to migraines. It is best to learn ways of meditation and also try to limit the amount of stress you may come intervention in your life.

By limiting certain things in our lives will have a huge impact on our health and well being simple things from drinking more water, reducing the amount of alcohol to even meditating daily can be very beneficial.

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