Meditation for insomnia and sleepless nights

Isn’t it so annoying when you are tired but can’t sleep? Well, hopefully, I can help with my meditation for insomnia and sleepless nights. Say goodbye to the sleepless nights or say goodnight should I say.

Statistics show that the estimated amount of people suffer from insomnia is mostly 50% of the world’s population. There are so many of these individuals who never go and seek professional help.

Some people go out there way and spend money to try to get rid of there problem with sleepless nights with insomnia. There is no need to spend any money, just do meditation.

10 Tips to Fight Insomnia

  1. Wake up earlier enough and at the same time every day. Set a routine for a certain time you go to bed and try to wake up early enough. I tend to go to bed at 9 pm and I wake up at about 6 am.
  2. Exercise more often, regular exercise helps keep active. This could be the simplest of exercises from walking, jogging to even swimming.
  3. Cut down on caffeine helps tremendously for helping someone to fall asleep quicker than they normally would.
  4. Try not to eat or drink anything just before going to bed
  5. Quitting Smoking (Optional) the average smoker will find they have a disrupted sleep by waking occasionally through the night. Also, statistics show that a smoker takes longer to fall asleep.
  6. Meditation helps to calm the mind which we will go into in the next section. I will also share with you a guided meditation.
  7. Get up if you can’t sleep, this is just stating the obvious I know. When someone can’t sleep they just make it worse for themselves if they lay there just thinking about it. Get up and do something, just don’t go make a coffee. That may be stupid even mentioning coffee when you can’t sleep but you be surprised how many people do this.
  8. Setting up your environment around your sleeping area. Making sure it is free from clutter and also anything that will disturb you from your sleep you should move the items or pets.
  9. A Mirror in your bedroom can also be the trouble with sleepless nights. Sounds strange I know but a lot of feng shui experts say the same thing. Another tip is to try not to have a mirror on the opposite wall of your bedroom.
  10. Alcohol also can play a big part in our sleep patterns. Yeah, time to time we like to treat ourselves to a glass of wine. That is ok in moderation, just getting drunk every night can have side effects with sleep.

Guided Meditation for Insomnia

Below you will find a guided meditation that I used to use. It is a popular meditation that will 100% help you go to sleep. I will also below mention my own meditation that I created. I create my own meditations and visualizations, which I will be starting to share with everyone.


Settling down for the night and struggling to fall asleep is the worse feeling. I hope this article and meditation as helped in some way or another. Battling insomnia is not always easy, do also see your doctor if this persists. I will continue to create more content for everyone who enjoys meditation and learning how to overcome difficulties in any scenario. Whether it is meditation to help with anxiety or more on meditation for insomnia and sleepless nights.

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